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sofi 2016

Chocolate-Covered Cocomels

From the Pacific Northwest Alderwood forests to Australia’s river banks, take a trip around the globe with these Chocolate-Covered Cocomels, enhanced by five of the world’s finest sea salts: Alderwood Smoked, Murray River, Red Gold, Black Lava, and Sel Marin de Geurande Grey.
Date product entered market: Aug. 1, 2015
Cocomels by JJ's Sweets
Boulder, CO
There is nothing like a Cocomel right now. A delicious confectionary creation that replaces the dairy in caramel with coconut milk (so they’re dairy-free) resulting in a new flavor and textural sensation that many describe as better than traditional caramel. We use premium ingredients (mostly organic), cook them in open copper kettles and make them by hand. We are now even introducing a new look that will match the high quality product, giving them a presence to match their unique flavor and niche. Cocomel flavors: original, sea salt, vanilla, coffee.