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sofi 2016

Crispy Coconut Chips

We crave crispy, but what comes along generally qualifies as junk food. But not this--crispy, crunchy wild coconuts from Costa Rica, hand-selected, sliced and baked right in our home country. As a snack or with a meal, they're a tasty, very un-potato chip change.
Date product entered market: Jan. 11, 2016
Natural Sins LLC
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
All it takes is two ingredients and our costa rican way of doing things for us to steal a few potato chip fans along the way. At Natural Sins, we start with hand picked pacific crest mangoes, volcanic grown pineapples, mountain-sprouted beets and wild coconuts. Then we hand slice our fruits and veggies paper thin and bake them up to crispy perfection so they crunch like a chip without a crumb of regret. Once you try our very un-potato chip snack, we’re betting it won’t be your last.