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Bourbon Aged Maple Syrup

“BLiS” is an acronym for “Because Life is Short,” the motto of Steve Stallard, the innovative chef behind the brand. BLiS’s Bourbon Aged Maple Syrup is a grade A variety matured in specially selected, single-barrel Kentucky bourbon casks that are nearly 20 years old. The result is a multi-dimensional bourbon maple syrup with notes of honey, charred oak, vanilla, and spice. The BLiS Gourmet line consists of handcrafted bourbon barrel aged sauces and wild-caught domestic roes.
Date product entered market: Jan. 30, 2006
Grand Rapids, MI
Each of our products has a level of uniqueness. Our maple syrups are tapped from trees in Michigan and aged at our facility. Our fish sauce is collaboration with Red Boat Fish Sauce and had received accolades from chefs around the country. Our new hot sauce has been aged in barrels that previously aged bourbon, maple syrup, and an Imperial stout giving it layers of flavor.