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sofi 2016

Bloody Mary Seasoning

Bloody Mary seasoning is great on grilled chicken, steamed spinach, roasted broccoli (coat with light oil and liberally sprinkle on Bloody Mary seasoning), great on burgers, and in tomato juice for a Bloody Mary or use as a rimmer.
Date product entered market: June 1, 2013
Madison Park Foods
Brookside, NJ
Madison Park Foods is dedicated to using the best growers from all over the world to produce exquisitely unique products. Our Petite Maize popcorn is an open-pollinated corn grown by family farmers. Our MPF line of unique seasonings (great on popcorn and everything else) are complex blends of the world's finest and hand selected spices and herbs. Bloody Mary Seasoning is a 2106 Sofi Finalist!