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Cioccomiel enhances the taste of hazelnut and cocoa with the natural properties of honey. A delicacy as breakfast or a snack, it is ideal to enrich cakes and make ice cream with its fudge-like texture.
Date product entered market: Jan. 1, 2015
Marcelli Formaggi LLC
Wayne, NJ
We embrace and celebrate the culinary treasures of our ancestral home in Abruzzo. It’s an area of pristine and unspoiled beauty, where one third of the region is comprised of National Parks and called “The Green Heart of Europe”. These are not just products placed in bags, bottles and jars. They are products that come from small families who embrace and celebrate centuries of tradition. Ancient knowledge, hard work and dedication, craft these gifts of pastures, fields and orchards. On the farm “La Porta dei Parchi”, in Anversa degli Abruzzi, our cousin Nunzio Marcelli, his family and the family of the co-operatives producers, make these rare and award winning cheeses, most of which are listed in the Slow Food Book of Italian Cheese. As Florence Fabricant said in the New York Times “It doesn’t get more artisanal than this”. Oct 7, 2015 We couldn’t agree more. Orazio Masciarelli and his family of four, produce our bronze cut pasta the same way since they began in 1867. Simply with flour and water. Really, some of the finest Italian pasta made. In the “Town of Honey” Luca Finnocchio and his family produce our incredible variety of honey. From the Adriatic coast, Peppino Ursini, the “Mastro Oleario” and his family produce our extraordinary olive oils. We and our customers think they are the best we have ever had. So until you can make the journey to beautiful Abruzzo and stay on the farm, our mission is to bring the flavors and terroir of the small village of our family, here to you in America.