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sofi 2016

Chicken Fat Cooking Oil

100 percent Organic Chicken Fat (Schmaltz) Premium Cooking Oil.
Date product entered market: Feb. 26, 2016
Fatworks LLC
Niwot, CO
We craft premium cooking oils made from pasture raised and grass fed animals. Our gourmet, traditional cooking oils consist of tallow, lard, leaf lard, duck fat, lamb tallow and buffalo tallow. Nothing is more important to an animal's quality of life than what they eat and how they are raised. For this reason we only use Pasture-Raised animals sourced from farms that meet our high standards. The cows we use only eat grass and the ducks and pigs eat what they find in pasture in addition to their NON-GMO feed. Our cooking oils are a great substitute for butter, industrialized seed oil, coconut oil etc. They have a high smoke point so they do not oxidize when heated. They are all very versatile and are great for sauteing, deep frying and baking. We have an extensive amount of information about Fatworks, fat, nutrition and our products at under FAT FAQs.