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Mini Cookie Stash

A modern twist on speculoos, with the introduction of mustache shaped, cookie butter cookies. The “Mini Cookie Stash” is presented in a single serve pouch featuring Skinny & Chubby, Belgian Boys’ icons. The cookies are all natural, nut free, non GMO, kosher and without Palm Oil.
Date product entered market: Jan. 1, 2017
Belgian Boys
Farmingdale, NY
Our story begins with Skinny & Chubby, two friends now living in New York and missing the fine European goodies from their Belgian childhood. In 2014, their dream became a reality and Belgian Boys was born. The concept was to manufacture premium products in Europe and share these extraordinary snacks and goodies worldwide.􏰀With competitive pricing, whimsical “disruptive” packaging and unparalleled energy and passion, follow the boys, on their journey as they stir up trouble and share their love for authentic European treats. Our goodies are Non- GMO, all natural, authentic, with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and no corn syrup. Some of our treats are Nut Free and made without Palm Oil.