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Tomato and White Sultana Chutney with Ginger and Garam Masala - 8 oz

The chutney has been an important part of Indian cuisine since before 500 B.C., with each region relying on a distinctive spice blend to preserve locally cultivated or foraged produce. “Chutney" or chattni in Hindi means “to lick”, which is precisely what diners will be doing as they lick their plates clean – not wanting to waste a single syrupy morsel! Tomatoes have also been a ubiquitous part of Indian cuisine since the 1600s and a mainstay of our larders today. When the sweet fruitiness of tomato is married to piquant Kashmiri chilies in this versatile chattni, you will forget about ketchup. Also available in a 2 oz size for gifts/holiday baskets and a 32 oz size for foodservice.
Date product entered market: July 1, 2015
Le Bon Magot LLC
Lawrenceville, NJ
Le Bon Magot®, is a New Jersey based specialty food producer that takes clients on a culinary journey to a different part of the Spice Route; offering distinctive flavors created from unique spice blends, unusual ingredients and innovative treatments of traditional recipes. Le Bon Magot was conceived in February 2015 as a family business. “Magot” or the hidden treasure specializes in African, Middle Eastern and South Asian inspired condiments and culinary ingredients: caponata, chutney, conserve, marmalata, preserves, tapenade and dressing. Our products are made in the heart of wine country on the North Fork of Long Island where we benefit from sourcing local produce and other ingredients from the surrounding wineries. Given our exacting approach, we have managed to secure shelf space with select fine food purveyors and built a growing reputation in food-service with high quality restaurants. The ethos of Le Bon Magot is to create Crafted Products from Heritage Recipes using High-Quality Seasonal Produce, Custom-Blended Aromatics and No Preservatives. Our products rely on classical cookery methods and all-natural preservation techniques to achieve shelf life stability. We are made in the U.S.A. and created in the artisan tradition - hand-made, hand-packaged, hand-sealed and hand-labelled. While these features give Le Bon Magot distinction, it is the spice blends and unusual ingredients that make the products special.