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sofi 2017

Organic Premium Aged Apple Vinegar of Modena

Produced from organically cultivated apples, our Premium Aged Apple Vinegar of Modena contains 55 percent concentrated and cooked pure apple juice from Italy. It's slowly aged in antique wooden barrels to create a thick and fruity profile, perfect for salads/marinades and for roasting meats and veggies.
Date product entered market: Feb. 1, 2017
Acetificio Marcello Denigris
Westwood, NJ
(973) 837-6791
Our wine vinegars and balsamic vinegars of Modena are produced in our two factories in accordance with all applicable European regulations including the appellation IGP. We are constantly striving to introduce new packaging and items, and in 2009 we completely redesigned our retail line to reflect the new IGP regulations. Our system for identifying the different qualities of balsamic vinegar is innovative and easily understood by the consumer. We are educating the buyer and consumer by explaining, on our label and neck tags, the % of concentrated grape must inside the bottle. For example, we show our white label to have 25% concentration, and our platinum label to show 65% grape must.