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sofi 2017

Sourdough Crispbread - Pink Peppercorn

Subtle, light, and crisp, our crispbread uses only naturally fermented sourdough and simple natural ingredients - true to it's 16th century Scandinavian origins. The versatile nature of the product means it is not only perfect for cheese, but can be used as a canape, with sweet or savory toppings.
Date product entered market: Sept. 1, 2016
Peter's Yard Limited
Gerrards Cross, Bucks,
44 7967687717
Peter's yard believe firmly in upholding the traditional and authentic crispbread recipes, inspired by the 16th Century Nordic crispbreads of Sweden. This distinctive product is valued highly for its provenance, quality and originality in the marketplace. Contemporary packaging and design, which is sensitive to its products traditions, whilst clearly branding this as a premium range of products.