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Propolis Hazelnut Cocoa Raw Honey

Propolis Hazelnut Cocoa Raw Honey is 100 percent natural, healthy, and a delicious spread for breakfast or as a snack instead of other sweets containing sugar and other infavorable chemicals. It contains at least 2000 mg/kg of natural antioxidants. This product is the best way to consume "propolis" in a fun, tasty, and highly protective manner.
Date product entered market: Nov. 30, 2016
SBS Americas Inc.
Valley Cottage, NY
With its many years of profound industrial and academic experience about bee products, SBS Americas Inc. produces BEE&YOU branded propolis, royal jelly, pollen and honey products based on its contracted beekeeping business model in Anatolia. The appropriate processing methods that SBS developed with R&D, preserves the natural biological activity of BEE&YOU products. SBS develops new products from natural bee products such as royal jelly, pollen, honey and most importantly propolis through a revolutionary production process. Propolis and royal jelly has been known to prevent many chronic diseases, increase energy and productivity and help boost the immune system. SBS has the opportunity to capture a large customer base that has historically not been able to access the benefits of propolis and royal jelly. Using innovative technology, 45 years of experience and know-how, SBS has a vision is to be a leader in the sector providing healthy, safe and natural food products. SBS places these naturally healthy products on the market as spreads and drops, all benefits in one food, biologically active and standardized. Bee&YOU products are available in specialty gourmet shops and pharmacies since September 2016 in USA. SBS is also selling its products via its own e-commerce web site From the hive to your table, Bee&You, and its unique, state of the art technology, guarantees all the natural benefits of propolis, royal jelly and honey delivered to you in a fun, tasty and highly beneficial manner. Company ensures the highest quality on the market, and has established a Fair Trade business model that maintains the sustainability of beekeeping. Bee&You, is committed to sustain, research and grow bee population in the world.