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Gazpacho with Mediterranean Seawater

ZUMO Gazpacho is an authentic Spanish Gazpacho made with real produce from the Spanish countryside, and a splash of Mediterranean Seawater, making it as rich in flavor as it is life's essential nutrients and minerals. Ready to serve out of the fridge, it's a perfect, healthy meal in a bottle. Enjoy!
Date product entered market: Nov. 1, 2016
Seawater Food & Beverage, Inc
Dallas, TX
We envision Seawater becoming a major food ingredient, replacing dehydrated salts in diets, thus improving the health & quality of life for millions of people. We've developed our core product, food-grade Seawater for Cooking, as well as ready-to-consume product lines including, ZUMO Juices & Drinkable Soups, Seawater Potato Chips, & other innovations currently in development. All of our creations utilize seawater as a key ingredient/sole sodium source. Our ultimate goal is to garner awareness of Seawater as healthier sodium source and major differentiator in several crowded categories.