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sofi 2017

Curry Cashew Chocolate

Curry Cashew combines a blend of warm, aromatic spices with creamy milk chocolate for a delightful treat. On the edge of savory, it finishes with the sweet, yet lightly salted crunch of toasted cashews to complete a complex taste experience.
Date product entered market: Feb. 1, 2017
Vivra Chocolate
Walpole, MA
Vivra, "The New Fashion in Chocolate", is a colorful brand that focuses on unexpected and innovative flavors and presentations that satisfy the modern consumer's demand for surprise and connection. With award winning packaging and award winning flavors, Vivra's passion adds color to our consumers lives through flavor and aesthetics. From our Chili Crunch, Thai Satay and English Garden Bars, to basic flavors, Vivra delights and surprises