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Drinkable Veggies: Renew

Bonafide Provisions’ Drinkable Veggies blend the powerful nutrition of organic, fresh vegetables with nutrient-dense bone broth. Renew combines organic red bell pepper, organic tomato, organic burdock root, Celtic sea salt, and organic chicken bone broth to provide iron, calcium, and antioxidants.
Date product entered market: Feb. 1, 2017
Bonafide Provisions LLC
Carlsbad, CA
Bonafide Provisions was founded in 2011 when Sharon Brown, a clinical nutritionist and certified GAPS practitioner, noticed a reluctance from her patients to make their own bone broth. Having walked over 500 clients through the GAPS program, she knew the benefits of this amazing elixir. Her passion for healing and nutrition coupled with a desire to see a shift towards a more nutrient-dense diet is what set the ground for Real Bone Broth, now, Bonafide Provisions. Sharon approached her husband, a professional trained chef and her niece, a nutritional therapist and CrossFit coach, and together they created Bonafide Provisions. They believe in maintaining the time honored tradition of the slow cooked, handcrafted, small batch, broth to ensure every batch is the highest quality. Our broth was the first USDA Organic broth available on the market. The ingredients are meticulously chosen and we pay special attention to organic, local, and sustainable ingredients. Our broth is not shelf stable. We adhere to the time honored tradition of freezing the broth after it is prepared to maintain the integrity of the product.