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Sofi Award Winners (-)
A sweet and savory fig jam that features the nutty and savory flavor of caramelized garlic. Excellent as a spread on crackers, with any kind of mild to strong cheese or as a sandwich spread.
A new savory category of hot beverages, Millie's Delight Pho Vegetable Sipping Broth is a hearty blend of onions, basil, spicy red peppers, spices, and green tea in a steepable broth bag (like a tea bag). Created by a teacher for a better snack between classes. 12 broth bag servings/tin.
Winner of sofi Awards Competition Outstanding New Product of 2011. We've discovered a new deep flavor that is toasty, soft and sweet, combined with just the right amount of basil and oil. Triple-blanching and caramelized by hand makes this a special garnish or condiment for any appetizer, cooked ...
This is a new innovation for the flavored water market. A great alternative to over-sweetened or over-flavored water enhancers, Auntie Gretchen's Water Infusions use real fruit loaded with natural antioxidants, minerals and nutrients. No added preservatives or artificial flavors/sweeteners- just ...