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Accessibility Resources

The Moscone Center

Walks, Curbs and Ramps

Grounds, walks and floor surfaces along accessible routes are stable, firm, and relatively nonslip under all weather conditions.
Sidewalks and ramps have a 36” clear opening with an occasional allowance for turning and passing.
Ramps have a 5’ level landing at the top, bottom, and at ramp direction change and at 30” vertical intervals.

Entrances, Corridors and Stairs

There are no revolving doors. Handrails are not installed on all stairs. Where installed, stair handrails are 1 ¼” to 1 ½” in diameter as well as being easy to grasp.

Public Restrooms

There is an accessible restroom for each gender clearly marked and readily available in public areas.
The sink is mounted at least 29” from the floor (measured from the bottom of the apron) for wheelchair knee clearance, and on designated accessible sinks the drainpipe is at least 9” from the floor for toe clearance.
On designated “accessible” sinks, insulation or protective covering is used on bathroom hot water pipes under the sink to prevent burns to persons in wheelchairs.
Faucet controls are of the lever or push-button type.
There are grab bars of sufficient length located along the sides and back of the toilet to facilitate transfers into and out of a wheelchair.


All levels of the building are accessible by elevator.
Call buttons in lobbies and halls are located 42” above the floor with raised indented or Braille floor designations on both elevator door jambs 60” from the floor.
The elevator does accommodate a wheelchair with inside dimensions no less than 54” x 68” and a clear door opening of 36”.

Public Telephones and Water Fountains

One phone directory in Moscone South and North each are usable at a wheelchair level.
One telephone in Moscone South and North each is equipped with an amplifier available for people who are hard of hearing.
There is a TTY available for public use within the facility.
Water fountains are located in such a way that they are usable by someone in a wheelchair.
The water fountain is controlled by a hand lever and push button that is easily operated.

Meeting Rooms

The meeting rooms are centrally located to prevent undue problems for persons with mobility limitations.
The doors to meeting rooms have a clear opening of 32”.
There are wheelchair lifts available to use with all raised podiums or head tables.
Meeting rooms can be equipped with Assistive Listening Device (ALD) transmission through existing systems upon request.

ADA Parking

Moscone Center does not include a public parking facility. Listed below are public parking garages in close proximity to the facility, each of which provides certain spaces reserved for use by authorized, handicapped individuals.

  • Fifth & Mission Parking Garage
    833 Mission Street (between Fourth & Fifth streets, adjacent to Moscone West)
    (415) 982-8522 x18
  • Hearst Parking Center
    45 Third Street (45 Third Street (entrance on Stevenson, 2 blocks from Moscone South/North)
    (415) 989-4000
  • Moscone Center Garage
    255 Third Street (Folsom & Howard, across the street from Moscone South's Esplanade Ballroom)
    (415) 777-2782 (garage)
    (415) 538-7888 (office)
  • Museum Parc Garage
    300 Third Street (entrance on Third and on Folsom streets)
    (415) 348-0304

For more detailed facility accessibility information on The Moscone Center CLICK HERE

Wheelchairs/Motorized Scooters

Wheelchair or motorized scooters are available for rental. Please contact +1 888 441 7575 or CLICK HERE for more information.