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Tea Parties, Reinvented Mangoes Among Pinterest Summer Trends

mango chia pudding

Social media platform Pinterest unveiled a list of food and dining trends expected to take hold this summer. The website used search data to determine trending topics.

“From inventive twists on traditional summer foods… [to] memorable dinner parties, summer 2024 is all about breaking free from convention and letting personal style shine,” said Pinterest.

Searches on the platform for “fun things to cook” and “summer special recipes” are up 1060 percent and 135 percent, respectively, according to Pinterest. Within these categories, research identified that new twists on staple ingredients, healthy eating, and tea-based drinks are on the rise.

The findings below chart how the following searches have increased since last year.

Mangoes ripe for reinvention

Mango float, up 3700 percent

Mango sago, up 260 percent

Mango chia seed pudding, up 210 percent

Mango jelly, up 170 percent

Mango crepe, up 180 percent

Learning new ways to eat avocado

Avocado bread, up 360 percent

Avocado dessert, up 180 percent

Avocado shake, up 130

Avocado ice cream, up 125 percent

Avocado fries, up 110 percent

Move over coffee, it's a ‘hot tea summer’ 

Persian tea, up 550 percent

Matcha milk tea, up 170 percent

Strawberry iced tea, up 105 percent

Coco milk tea, up 90 percent

Lemon ice tea, up 90 percent

Citing the widespread popularity of the latest season of Bridgerton, the platform has found that tea party and themed dinner party searches are on the rise. Additionally, research showed that searches for “dinner party” are up over 6000 percent as people look for ways to spend time with family and friends at home, said Pinterest.

The findings below chart how the following searches have increased since last year.

Charming tea parties

• Bridgerton tea party, up 430 percent

• High tea food ideas, up 177 percent

• Afternoon tea party ideas, up 165 percent

• Floral tea party, up 160 percent

Throwing a ‘themed dinner party’

• Fairy dinner party up, 150 percent

• Greek dinner party up, 75 percent

• Chinese dinner party up, 70 percent

• Coastal dinner party up, 70 percent

• Vintage dinner party up, 30 percent