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House and Senate Democrats are tossing their hats in the ring to overhaul the nation’s food labels. The Food Labeling Modernization Act directs the Health and(...)
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fancy food show
fancy food show


January 17 - 19, 2016, San Francisco
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fancy food show
fancy food show
fancy food show


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First USDA Organic Certified Fast-Food Restaurant Opens in CA
The Organic Coup recently opened in Pleasanton, California, and it claims to be the first USDA Certified Organic fast-food restaurant in the US. The fried-chicken sandwich restaurant also plans to ...
The Top 8 Specialty Food Trends from Around the World
How do you spot a trend among 7,000 exhibitors from 108 countries? With an eager palate, a full stomach, and some help from market research, as it turns out. Four days combing the aisles at the col...