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There is no "specialty food" without diversity. The flavors, textures, and colors of many of our most beloved specialty foods speak directly to their makers' unique experiences, cultures, and traditions. At the Diversity Pavilion, you'll meet makers and manufacturers whose unique stories have inspired their compelling and delicious products.

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Pavilion Exhibitors

You can explore the list of current Diversity Pavilion exhibitors for the 2024 Summer Fancy Food Show. Be sure to check back for new additions as we get closer to the Show.

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The (included) Cohort

SFA is proud to partner with (included) again for the 2024 Summer Fancy Food Show. A collective of BIPOC top executives in the CPG industry, (included) brings a cohort of exhibitors to the Show, all Black, Indigenous, and people of color-founded and led. 

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Included Cohort

Meet the (included) Exhibitors

Which exciting companies and products have been selected for the (included) cohort at the 2024 Summer Fancy Food Show?

JOI, which stands for “Just One Ingredient,” produces a range of minimal-ingredient milk concentrates (both pastes and powders) made from nuts (almond or cashew), grains (oat) and seeds (hemp).

Creating clean-label dairy-free foods that are 100% wholefood plant-based. New England-style cheese made from cashews and naturally fermented to produce a rich, creamy flavor without using inflammatory oils, thickeners, or gums.

Recoup delivers “Gut Healthy Hydration” and is the first beverage company to be Regenerative Organic Certified. A minority-owned and female co-founded business producing sparkling, organic drinks with health benefits.

Peepal People celebrates the bold flavors of South Asia through its unique condiments, fusing traditional cooking techniques with modern innovation. A flagship, small-batch trio of hot sauces are premium, fresh, and gut-friendly.

Indulge in Tal’s silky sesame Tahini dips—100% preservative-free and crafted with nutrient-dense, whole ingredients. Free from common additives, Tal celebrates heritage flavors. Plant-based, gluten-free, and woman-owned.

Sweet Fields is a gourmet cinnamon roll company specializing in convenient, vegan-friendly treats. Committed to inclusivity and health, Sweet Fields is reshaping perceptions of vegan treats with premium quality and dynamic flavors.

Kula: Nourishing Afro-Caribbean plant-based prepared foods featuring high-protein meat alternatives, delicious no-sugar-added sauces, and more. Proudly BCorp certified and led by the values of sustainability, community, and accessibility.

Aaji’s is a family venture centered on their grandmothers’ timeless Coastal Indian recipes. Varieties of their Tomato Lonsa product deliver craveable flavors and can be used as spreads, toppings, or bases to define and elevate any meal.

Poppa’s Custard Company creates luxuriously creamy custards with technical precision and best-in-class ingredients. This Black-owned, family-owned brand offers dairy and vegan custards free from gluten, soy, and other allergens.

Nepal Tea Collective is a public benefit corporation on a mission to lift one million farmers out of poverty within their generation by selling their freshest and most delicious organic teas worldwide, traceably and transparently.

Who can exhibit in the Diversity Pavilion?

We welcome companies to the Diversity Pavilion that are founded and led by members of under-represented groups. These groups may include ethnic minorities, women, veterans, and the LGBTQ community. The (included) cohort specifically features BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color)-led and founded companies.

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