As a not-for-profit and the leading trade association for the specialty food industry, SFA has a responsibility to lead by example when it comes to sustainability. We are committed to identifying, understanding, and mitigating the environmental impacts of our Shows and events, and to prioritizing social sustainability and inclusion in our programs. 

The Summer Fancy Food Show takes place at the Javits Center. Their state-of-the-art, nearly seven-acre green roof can absorb up to seven million gallons of storm water run-off annually, while reducing heat gain throughout the building.

Javits Center Green Roof

    • Our Show-specific mobile app reduces printed materials, saving trees, water, and waste.  
    • Badges are free from traditional plastic badge holders and stock is recycled after the event 
    • 50% overhead lighting instated during move-in and set-up period 
    • Overhead lighting and floor power remain off until one hour prior to the event opening 
    • 50% lighting reinstated after the closing hour of the Show 
    • Floor power turned off 30 minutes after the closing hour of each Show day 
    • Heating and cooling conservation during move-in and move-out periods 
    • Escalators on only during Show days and turned off 30 minutes after the event closes 
    • Water coolers designated around the Show Floor to encourage the use of reusable water bottles
    • High-speed automatic roll up doors between loading docks and expo halls modulate temperature fluctuations in the building 
    • Energy efficient HVAC units with HEPA filtration systems  
    • Carpets for booths use soy-based padding made from recycled materials and can be re-purposed and recycled
    • Pipes and drapes are multiple-use, then recycled by a partner company 
    • Modern, reusable rental building structures are 100% recyclable
    • All single-use rigid graphics printed on high-quality recyclable substrates, aisle signs on 100% recyclable, high-quality paper with only non-VOC inks
    • Engaging local union labor reduces our carbon footprint due to travel
    • Energy-efficient (Energy Star) electronic equipment is used whenever available, and all A/V equipment is turned off overnight when possible
  • To improve waste diversion, the following sort streams are collected separately where possible: 
    • Cardboard 
    • Mixed recycling (such as bottles, cans and paper) 
    • Paper and publications 
    • C&D (construction and demolition) debris 
    • Food waste (separate from donated food - see below)
    • Trash 

    Sort streams are identified differently during move-in and move-out periods and event days. When exhibitors set up their exhibits, large dumpsters are offered across the exhibition hall spaces so that exhibitors can help sort landfill from recyclables. Recycling streams include paper and cardboard, construction and demolition debris, and bottles and cans.  

    When the Show is open, waste receptacles available on the Show Floor include mixed recycling (such as bottles and cans) and landfill. Food composting and grease bins are available in clean-up stations located throughout the Show Floor.  


Since 1992, The Fancy Food Show has operated an extensive Exhibitor Food Donation program, which each year brings approximately 300,000 pounds of food to those in need. In New York, we work with City Harvest, which rescues over 30 million pounds of excess food each year. 

In addition to food, at the end of the Show, we donate items including furniture, household products, and construction materials to local non-profit organizations throughout the New York region. The SFA works with Freeman and the Javits Care Program to donate these items. 

City Harvest Volunteers collecting up unused food after the Fancy Food Show - A group of smiling men with a cart and bags

    • Bring your own bottle: Reusable water bottles can be filled at fountains, instead of using multiple disposable bottles.
    • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Look for recycling stations throughout the Show Floor to divert recyclables from the landfill.
    • Keep it digital: Download the Show mobile app and look for QR codes in booths for information instead of grabbing paper handouts.
    • It’s all about location: Stay close to the Convention Center to minimize transportation to and from the Show, share cabs/rideshares, walk, or use public transit when possible.
    • Go green at the hotel: Many hotels allow you to opt out of daily linen and towel replacement, which saves resources. Turn off all the lights and the TV in your room before you head to the Show each day.