Specialty food is, by definition, a celebration of diversity. Our members’ stories start in cities and on farms, in inland suburbs and coastal communities; they come from single-parent households and nuclear families and immigrant grandparents. Their stories inspire and inform the diverse products they make, expressed in flavors, textures, and colors that speak to their unique experiences, cultures, and traditions.

The Specialty Food Association is committed to not just maintaining, but expanding, the opportunities available to brilliant, ambitious makers of all backgrounds, and this includes holding space for those makers at the Summer Fancy Food Show.

The Supplier Diversity Pavilion

Our Supplier Diversity Pavilion will return for the 2024 Summer Fancy Food Show, featuring a vibrant group of companies owned and operated by entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups. We have partnered once again with (included) CPG to feature their cohort of makers in the Supplier Diversity Pavilion.

In this dedicated space, exhibitors can showcase their unique stories and connect directly with buyers looking to diversify their products and supplier network.

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