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Specialty Food Association

Brands represented: CatSpring Yaupon (TX); Greenbelt Kombucha (TX); Yaupon Brothers (FL); Yaupon Wellness (GA); and Yazoo Yaupon (MS)

Booth: N1514

Anaheim, CA  - The growing American Yaupon tea industry will be featured at the 2022 Natural Products Expo West as part of the ‘Hot Products’ lineup and will be represented by the American Yaupon Association (AYA) and its affiliated brands, which include Yaupon producing companies as well as other beverage companies that incorporate Yaupon in their products or sell Yaupon.

Brands represented by AYA that will be on hand at Expo West include Yaupon tea producers CatSpring Yaupon based in Cat Spring, Texas; Yaupon Brothers based in Edgewater, Florida; Yaupon Teahouse based in Savannah, Georgia; and Yazoo Yaupon based in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Other companies using yaupon in products include Greenbelt Kombucha (selling and sampling at the AYA booth), based in Austin, TX with a brand-new line of four non-alcoholic, cocktail-inspired kombuchas featuring made with yaupon tea. Austin-based Rambler Sparkling Water with their yaupon-based sparkling energy drinks. And  Harney & Sons, based in Millerton, NY sells loose leaf Yaupon teas.

 “Our mission at the American Yaupon Association is to tell the story of Yaupon Holly tea as an authentic American tea that is delicious, low in bitter tannins, high in healthy antioxidants, and frankly a better tasting tea product,” said AYA co-Founding Treasurer, Abianne Falla. “Yaupon tea is sustainable, it’s caffeinated, and it’s American”

Bryon White, AYA co-Founding Vice Chair said they formed the American Yaupon Association in order to work collectively to promote the indigenous Yaupon plant, tackle the awareness deficit of Yaupon, and grow the Yaupon tea market. “We are a small but mighty group of Yaupon producers that know that our strength is in numbers,” said White. “We think a rising tide of Yaupon tea awareness will lift all our boats, so we work collectively to build the Yaupon tea market and let American consumers know there is a better tea that grows here and is made here in the USA.”

Who:               American Yaupon Association & Member Brands

Where:           North Halls (Hilton, Marriott)

                        Hot Products, Booth N1514

                        Or online



About Yaupon Holly American Tea

Yaupon Holly is the only caffeinated plant native to North America. Tannin-free and a cousin to plants yerba mate and guayusa, yaupon is a delicious local alternative to imported teas. Studies have demonstrated its rich antioxidant, polyphenols, anti-inflammatory, and natural cleansing properties. Every yaupon company has unique production techniques that bring out different flavors - much like tea! But most have a green yaupon and varying roasts.

About the American Yaupon Association Mission

The American Yaupon Association is committed to spreading awareness of the native Yaupon Holly, and its amazing properties. The American Yaupon Association also supports growers, processors, packers, and distributors of Yaupon through research, funding, and outreach. The AYA was founded by pioneering companies and individuals in the Yaupon industry, and it represents a self-started effort to establish industry standards, safety systems, and a durable product pipeline.  We also work for the preservation and success of the yaupon industry through ethical production and promotion of yaupon, while ensuring consumer access to the highest quality yaupon achieved by responsible production, driving sustainable practices, and increasing educational outreach.