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Cornhusker Kitchen Introduces New Product - Duck Fat Roasted Almonds!

Omaha, Nebraska - Cornhusker Kitchen, the renowned producer of high-end animal fat creations, has just announced the addition of a new product to their line-up - Duck Fat Roasted Almonds. These almonds are up for the 2024 sofi™ New Product Award.

These delicious almonds are lightly covered in sea salt and promise to be a hit among food enthusiasts who enjoy unique and flavorful snacks. The duck fat used in the roasting process gives the almonds a rich and savory taste, making them the perfect addition to any charcuterie board or as a standalone snack.

"We're thrilled to introduce this new product to our customers we know they will love, "said Dennis Schuett, Managing Partner at Cornhusker Kitchen. "Everything cooked in Duck Fat is delicious, and almonds are no exception" We take great pride in our commitment to quality and flavor."

Duck Fat Roasted Almonds are now available on Cornhusker Kitchen's website and at select retailers. For those who appreciate unique and flavorful snacks, try this delicious new product from Cornhusker Kitchen. Find out more online and connect with SFA on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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