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Food Allergy Symposium for Industry Consumer Packaged Goods

Specialty Food Association

- FASI CPG 1.0 Thursday, March 11th, 2021

- A discussion of topics with varying perspectives, centered around food allergens & your packaged goods.

Fort Collins, CO, March 5, 2021 — MenuTrinfo has been sponsoring the Food Allergy Symposium for Industry, known as FASI, for several years and speaks to the needs of the commercial & non-commercial food service industry. As the “Certified Free From™” seal is making its way onto store shelves across the country there are still more questions than answers in the packaged goods space.

This first event of its kind, “FASI – CPG 1.0” on Thursday March 11th starting at 1PM, will set out to answer questions and shed light on his exploding sector of the packaged goods industry. As consumer products keep reaching to differentiate themselves through Certifications, ID tags and unique marks on packaging, food allergies have risen to unprecedented levels in the last few years. Today over 85 Million people spend between 5 to 7 minutes per packaged good in a grocery store aisle to make sure it is safe to purchase.

According to Kristen Steel, Customer Acquisition Officer with MenuTrinfo “Working to make sure appropriate foods are truly safe to eat for certain populations, is imperative to me as a professional in the food industry, as well as a parent. Nothing gives me more confidence as a purchasing/ decision maker than picking up a product that carries a third party certification. I talk about this to clients, I teach this to my children. It is important to me that industry comes together to share information, best practices and understands the importance of the information they put out on packaging. It matters.”

Betsy Craig, Founder and CEO of MenuTrinfo adds “It is high time the industry took food allergies and certification as serious as we take certified gluten free and certification for things like GMO and Vegan.  For years consumers have looked for seals and certification for the extra layer of confidence.  Lets dive into what standards Certified Free From represents. Talking all things food allergies event the coming soon #9th food allergen here in the US, sesame.  We look forward to this free and educational ground breaking event.”

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About MenuTrinfo. Established in 2017 as a division of MenuTrinfo®, LLC, Kitchens with Confidence (KwC) is an independent accreditation/certification entity founded to both help dining facilities of all kinds become safer for diners with food allergies and to imbue those facilities with credibility through our trusted certification.