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Gallivant Mawa Ice Cream Now Available at Central Market Stores Across Texas

Specialty Food Association

Houston, TX (May 23, 2022) – Gallivant Mawa Ice Cream, First Place Winner in the Texas Department of Agriculture’s ‘Best Food Product in Texas’ Awards contest, is now available at Central Market stores across Texas.

Central Market has stores in Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano and San Antonio.

“Central Market, which is really into food just like my team and I are, is a perfect grocery chain for our ice cream because Gallivant Mawa Ice Cream, like Central Market, appeals to consumers who want quality, love delicious tasting food, and enjoy exploring the world of flavors and tastes,” said Snehee Chaplot, founder and CEO of Gallivant Mawa Ice Cream.

Gallivant Mawa Ice Cream is made with South Asian Mawa Milk Solids, which gives our ice cream a texture that’s creamier than gelato and a super-premium taste, Chaplot explained.

“Our other secret sauce is our global flavors. We source each flavor ingredient from growers or purveyors in the countries around the world that produce the best of the best,” Chaplot said.

“I’m a global traveler - I love to gallivant throughout the world,” Chaplot said. “I’m also a food scientist with a specialization in dairy, along with being an entrepreneur. I married my two passions, making ice cream and world travel, into the name of the ice cream - Gallivant Mawa Ice Cream."

Five Flavors of Gallivant Mawa Ice Cream are currently available in Central Market stores across Texas: Indian Mango, Persian Pistachio, Chinese Black Sesame, Guatemalan Cardamom and Japanese Matcha.

“Consumers can travel the world while staying at home with our global flavors,” Chaplot said.

Gallivant Mawa Ice Cream only uses natural ingredients in its ice cream. No artificial flavors or artificial colors are used in Gallivant Mawa Ice Cream.

“We use authentic, natural ingredients – and you can taste the difference it makes,” Chaplot said.

“Equally important when it comes to quality and taste, Gallivant Mawa Ice Cream is real dairy. We purchase our milk from Texas dairies that commit to using ethical and humane dairy farming practices, and we make our ice cream right here in Texas, where we live, work and play,” Chaplot added.

Gallivant Mawa Ice Cream is sampling its ice cream at Central Market stores across Texas throughout May, June and July.

“We want Central Market shoppers to taste Gallivant Mawa Ice Cream and fall in love with it,” Chaplot said. "My team and I make it with love, and care, and we want to share that passion with consumers."

In addition to Texas and nearby Southwest region states, Chaplot and her team are now launching Gallivant Mawa Ice Cream throughout the Western U.S., with a focus on California, the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain region.