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HariBol's Sustainable Practices Shine at World Economic Forum 2024

[Davos, Switzerland – 01/17/2024] – HariBol, the Mumbai-based F&B company, takes center stage at World Economic Forum (WEF), Davos, Switzerland, for its revolutionary model that seamlessly blends tradition with technology.  At the annual meeting of WEF held between 5-19 January 2024, a spotlight was cast on HariBol's innovative and sustainable model for cruelty-free (ahimsa) dairy and organic products. The model, featured as one of the eight case studies in the WEF's "Faith in Action" report, demonstrates the potential for impactful partnerships between faith communities and the private sector to address global challenges.

The report, released to world leaders at the Davos event, highlights examples of ethical and sustainable business models that tackle interconnected global crises. HariBol's collaboration, inspired by traditional Indian ethos, serves as a testament to the possibilities of such partnerships.

Mr. Yachneet Pushkarna, CEO & Director of HariBol, emphasized the fundamental principles underlying the "Haribol" brand, rooted in cruelty-free and ethical milk production. The initiative is anchored in the principle of Ahimsa, ensuring the well-being of cows throughout their entire lives. To ensure transparency, HariBol employs a groundbreaking technology intervention - permanent Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)-based neck collars installed on cows. This technology, initially developed for cattle management, provides comprehensive cow health data directly to consumers via a mobile app, making HariBol the world's first to offer this level of transparency.

The Haribol Mobile App allows consumers to access live health data, monitor the well-being of cows and bulls, and validate Haribol's commitment to cruelty-free practices. In support of their Ahimsa milk project, HariBol has launched the "knowyourmilk" campaign, enabling consumers to access live feed, videos, milk reports, and more by scanning a QR code.

Haribol's commitment to cow health is not only ethical but also environmentally responsible. Healthy cows convert feed more efficiently into milk, reducing feed-related emissions. They produce less methane, require fewer veterinary interventions and resources, have longer productive lives, and contribute to overall sustainability by minimizing waste, optimizing resource use, and promoting ethical and environmentally responsible farming practices. Healthy cows are a cornerstone of a reduced carbon footprint in the dairy sector.

Yachneet Pushkarna expressed, "As we look to the future, we envision dairy farms worldwide adopting the Haribol dairy model. We invite farmers, consumers, and stakeholders to join hands in this transformative journey towards ethical and sustainable dairy production. Together, we can forge a future where dairy farms embrace the Haribol model, ensuring a harmonious coexistence of tradition and technology for the betterment of all."

HariBol aims to be a flag bearer of change, championing original practices in animal husbandry and agriculture guided by good ethics toward the environment.

About HariBol 

HariBol is a India-based all-natural F&B company, that is a pioneer in ethical and sustainable dairy & organic products. The company uses novel AI & ML-driven technologies to create transparent channels between its farms & consumers. HariBol’s products include Naturally Flavored A2 Milk Range, A2 Cultured Butter, Ready-To-Eat Meals among other. The company has its presence in the US through its offices in Houston TX & Moundsville WV. More information can be found at

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