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Is Flavored Butter the Next Big Thing?

OVERLAND PARK, KAN. – October 8, 2022 – Buon-Riche Foods, maker of the popular Bijoux Crème brand of flavored butters, today announced its commitment to rise to the Butter Board occasion. Butter boards—made popular only recently on social media platforms Tik Tok and Instagram—are the contender looking to unseat the long-lived charcuterie board. In short, a butter board involves schmearing a wooden serving board with butter, sprinkling that base layer with berries, nuts, herb, and spices, and serving the resulting work-of-art with bread, crackers, and the like for dipping.

“While we’re not surprised by the rise in popularity of dairy butter and butter boards, we are surprised by how quickly the trend has become a viral sensation,” said Christopher Buono, CEO and founder of Overland Park-based Buon-Riche Foods. “COVID saw an uptick in demand for home cooking ingredients—especially dairy butter. I think people fell in love with butter again, and now are looking for new and innovative ways to serve it.”

Innovation is exactly what inspired Mr. Buono to create a line of gourmet flavored butters. What would the world be like with only one flavor of ice cream or yogurt? Yet, that is exactly what the world of butter is like. Mr. Buono set out to change that with Bijoux Crème’s six initial flavors (

In July of this year, the Bijoux Crème line of flavored butter products began hitting the KC-area market. Only three months later, area shoppers can now find their favorite flavors within select area Hen House, Price Chopper, and Sunfresh Markets (

Buon-Riche Foods plans to continue its growth, expanding into more KC-area supermarkets as well as those of neighboring cities and towns. Moreover, the Bijoux Crème line is already looking to expand it lineup with two new flavors—due to be announced in January 2023.

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Buon-Riche Foods, Inc., a privately held company based in Overland Park, KS, produces a line of all-natural, gourmet specialty dairy butter flavors under the brand name Bijoux Crème. The Bijoux Crème mission is to elevate consumers’ home culinary experience by providing only the best in flavored butters—all while adhering to strict guiding principles—and to be so recognizable and ubiquitous that Bijoux Crème is the brand most often associated with flavored butter. For more information, visit Follow Bijoux Crème on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok.

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