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Premium Forest Grown Shiitake - Sugimoto Dried Shiitake

Specialty Food Association

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1,000 Year-Old Tradition Driving Shiitake Cultivation

The best tasting and quality Shiitake are Forest-grown Shiitake on Kunugi Logs (Japanese Sweet Sap Oak) harvested in Oita, Miyazaki & Kumamoto, Kyushu, Japan. Our local microclimate (the Terroir) provides the ideal environment for growing Shiitake, originally growing naturally over 1,000 years ago.

Local Dedication to Natural Shiitake

Our Shiitake are carefully and lovingly grown by over 600+ local growers using an over 1,000-year-old Japanese cultivation method. We collaborate closely with the local community dedicated to naturally producing delicious Shiitake.

Each of our growers' tailors and fine-tune their cultivation to the ever-changing weather and different micro-climates in their area. Please click below to see why the best tasting and quality Shiitake can only be naturally grown in forest with individual care and crafting by many small local growers.

Our story   

Please visit our site at Specialty Foods Live 2021.

Our Virtual Tasting Event in September’s SFA: Exploring UMAMI using SHIITAKE POWDER was very well received. Please watch our videos.