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Sarilla Introduces New 0% ABV Botanicals at Natural Products Expo East

Specialty Food Association

Philadelphia, PA. (September 28, 2022) – Sarilla, a women-owned brand of delicious nonalcoholic ready-to-drink and draft sparkling teas is proud to announce the release of two new caffeine-free flavors, rich with functional properties: Tulsi Lime and Vanilla Rooibus. Sarilla will be sampling both flavors for the first time at Natural Products Expo East 2022, from Sept 29-Oct 1, and will be hosting a special tasting during a “mocktail hour” at their booth (#4469) at 4:30pm on Friday, September 30th. “I created these botanical recipes in early 2020 and while it was a difficult decision to wait this long to introduce them to the market, it provided time to expand our farm in Rwanda, identify new partners in South Africa, refine our packaging and branding, and ensure our original four flavors were meeting our velocity goals,” says Sara Delaney, founder and CEO of Sarilla. “We are so excited to introduce the caffeine-free options at Expo East!”, she says.

Sarilla supports healthy, high-performance lifestyles and helps people feel included, safer and accepted in social settings. The original recipe, made with lemons, organic black and silver tea (a rare type of white tea, high in antioxidants and fat burning properties), was a SOFI 2020 winner for Best New RTD and this nonalcoholic beverage line has been growing ever since. While the product has a formulation that includes tea, Founder and CEO Sara Delaney is positioning this as a NA option that can stand up to a cocktail or a beer. “I created Sarilla in kegs, and the draft product became very popular at local area breweries. As someone who does not drink alcohol, I still want to be social and feel part of the fun, but even today I often find my only options when we go out are chlorinated club soda or sugary drinks!” Sara was inspired not only to help the nearly 50% of U.S. Adult population who do not regularly consume alcohol, but to create a product with purpose that could help lift people out of poverty in Rwanda, where she lived in 2009, and continues to source many of the Sarilla ingredients. Prior to starting Sarilla, Sara founded a nonprofit foundation, Africa Healing Exchange, which provides support for mental health services and entrepreneurship training in Rwanda. As a trauma survivor herself, Sara is committed to building a brand that can help communities heal.

About Sarilla

Sarilla is an award-winning organic nonalcoholic beverage manufactured in the U.S. and made with pesticide-free Rwandan tea leaves and functional botanicals grown using regenerative agriculture practices. Sold in cans and on tap, in specialty markets, bars, cafes, and college campuses, the company is committed to creating safer spaces for women while offering producer partners in Rwanda a way out of poverty. Naturally energizing and providing a good source of L-Theanine and antioxidants, Sarilla is a drink that helps everyone feel included while socializing. Sarilla is Certified Fair Trade, Woman-Owned, Kosher, and USDA Organic, with facilities in Vermont, North Carolina and Rwanda. To learn more or to request samples, please visit