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Chipotle Sues Sweetgreen Over Burrito Bowl

Chipotle has filed a lawsuit over the addition of Sweetgreen’s Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl to its menu, alleging that the item infringes on its trademark rights, reports ABC News. 

"Certainly the name Chipotle is in this new Sweetgreen bowl. And if you think about it, Chipotle has become very synonymous with this type of bowl," Hitha Herzog, chief research analyst at H Squared Research, told "Good Morning America."

Chipotle has requested a court order to Block Sweetgreen’s use of “Chipotle” in the product in addition to damages.

In the suit, Chipotle asserts that Sweetgreen’s “very similar and directly competitive bowl” capitalizes on the fast-casual restaurant’s branding. Full Story

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Image: Chipotle