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Choice Market Opens Tech-Enabled Location

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Choice Market opened its latest location in Denver last week. Choice Market Banncock features the company’s tech-enabled Choice: Now shopping experience, powered by retail technology provider AiFi. Upon entering, shoppers scan the Choice mobile app, pick up their groceries and freshly prepared meals, and leave without a traditional checkout. A receipt is sent directly to a shopper’s mobile device after they exit.

In addition, Choice Market has a full-service kitchen, where classically trained and experienced chefs work to develop seasonal menus and offer food on the go.

“This is a huge moment, not only for us, but for the entire industry,” said Choice founder and CEO Mike Fogarty, in a statement. “We are beyond excited to partner with AiFi to launch our Choice: Now shopping experience, which provides our customers a contactless, convenient, and independent shopping option.”

Choice’s mobile app enables guests to shop the entire market by dietary lifestyle or recipes, all while acquiring loyalty points that can be redeemed for future discounted meals or groceries. Guests can also use the app to order any item in the market (including alcohol) and the Choice delivery team will deliver it to their door in 45 minutes or less using its fleet of electric vehicles and e-bikes.

“This is the largest camera-only store that we’ve launched in the U.S. to date and we’re excited to partner with Choice to bring seamless shopping to its customers,” said Steve Gu, co-founder and CEO of AiFi, in a statement. “Compared to sensor fusion technology, camera-only tech makes the deployment of autonomous stores faster, easier, and more cost-effective.”

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Image: Choice Market