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Community Health-Conscious Stop & Shop Opens

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Stop & Shop has unveiled the revitalized Grove Hall store location, serving the Boston community. The store now includes a Community Wellness Space, an in-store dietician, and nutrition programming.

“As Grove Hall’s neighborhood grocer, we believe we have a responsibility to support the health of the community, and we’re proud of the investments we’ve made to offer first-of-its-kind resources and programming for a grocery retailer in the city,” said Gordon Reid, president of Stop & Shop, in a statement. “We're also incredibly proud of the work we’ve done to support local non-profits, public schools, and other partners in the neighborhood with innovative programs to drive more consistent access to nutritious food.”

The grocer created the new location to play an active role in supporting healthy outcomes for the food insecure and residents living below the poverty level in the area. As such, many programs like plant-based eating across cultures, high blood pressure classes, and healthy grocery shopping assistance will be free for customers beginning in September.

The space will be merchandized with a 25-foot display of better-for-you foods and beverages picked by registered dieticians. The company also plans to include a weekly circular of healthy eating choices.

Along with the improvements, the grocer has already stocked Flashfood capabilities, a program that enables consumers to access fresh products nearing their best-by date at a large discount. It is the first location in Boston to offer this service.

Outside of the store, the company has also supported the creation of two in-school food pantries as part of a community program to ensure no child goes hungry.

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