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Flavorful Cheeses to Launch at Winter Show

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Specialty food makers continue to innovate flavors and processes when producing cheese. Winter Fancy Food Show exhibitors will celebrate their latest offerings when the Show kicks off this Sunday.

Pine River Cheese Spread, in celebration of its 60 years in the business, will introduce a limited edition 60-Month Cheddar cheese spread. Samples will be available in the Wisconsin Cheese booth #817.

“The 5-year-old Wisconsin Cheddar gives this spread an extra creamy texture that has a rich cheddar flavor with a slightly tangy bite,” said Phil Lindemann, Pine River CEO, in a statement. “The art of cheese spread making comes in the aging and blending process. We know which ages of cheese to combine to get the best flavor and we’ve been following the same recipe since my father started the company 60 years ago.”

Forever Cheese is an importer introducing cheeses from Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Croatia to the U.S. market. One such  cheese, called The Truffle Kid, is sourced from Jumilla, Spain, and incorporates black truffle paste into aged goat’s milk cheese.

“The Truffle Kid is a labor of love that has been in the works for quite some time,” said Forever Cheese co-founder Michele Buster, in a statement. “The cheese is incredibly beautiful—the truffle marbling is like a tapestry inside the cheese. It’s a fantastic addition to our popular line of Spanish goat cheeses that are approachable yet sophisticated.”

Under the Mitica brand, the company will feature the truffle cheese alongside select products from its portfolio at booth #2657.

Goat cheese maker, Laura Chenel, will debut its Mango Habanero goat cheese developed in collaboration with the Culinary Institute of America.

“The team at Laura Chenel is thrilled to showcase our award-winning cheeses and preview our newest flavor at the Winter Fancy Food Show,” said Laura Chenel brand manager Durae Hardy, in a statement. “Our Mango Habanero Fresh Goat Cheese Log is a product that will spark conversations and generate excitement among buyers and consumers. It serves as a reminder of our tireless mission to make the highest quality and innovative goat cheese products on the market.” 

This is the eighth variety in the brand’s line of flavored goat cheese logs which include Orange Blossom Honey and Black Truffle. These products and more will be available for sampling at booth #631.

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