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Illinois Senate Advances Budget Which Would Ban Grocery Tax

grocery cart and gavel

The Illinois Senate recently took the first step in passing the $53.1 billion state budget which would also eliminate the state’s current one percent grocery tax, reports The State Journal-Register. It passed the budget in a 38-21 vote.

“I wish this were a perfect budget,” said lead budget negotiator Senator Elgie Sims before the vote. “I’ve been here many years and I have yet to see one. But…this budget is fair, it’s balanced, and it provides certainty for us investing in our future.”

If approved in the House, the budget would take effect for fiscal year 2025, beginning on July 1; however, the elimination of the tax would not occur until January 1, 2026, as outlined in the budget’s terms.

Despite potentially removing a statewide grocery tax, local governments could still implement their own tax limited to one percent without a legal referendum. Full Story