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Lawsuit Filed Against Outfox Hospitality

Foxtrot inside

A class-action lawsuit and a complaint to the city of Chicago have been filed as a result of the abrupt closures of all Foxtrot and Dom’s Kitchen & Market stores, Tuesday, reports Block Club Chicago.

The lawsuit against Outfox Hospitality, which was formed when the two retailers merged last year, alleges employees were “terminated immediately without any prior notice” on Tuesday morning, according to court filings. About 1,000 people could be eligible to take part in the lawsuit, according to the report.

It's unclear whether Outfox falls under Illinois' WARN Act which requires 60-day notice to employees involved in mass firings, according to the report. 

A spokesperson for the state’s Department of Labor, tasked with investigating and enforcing violations of the WARN Act, said it is “looking into” what happened with Foxtrot and Dom’s. Full Story