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Members in the News: Principe, Veroni, Atalanta, Dave's Gourmet, Sartori, Tillamook

Charcuterie with cheese

Specialty Food Association members have been highlighted in myriad news outlets recently for their impact on the industry. Principe, Veroni, Atalanta, Dave’s Gourmet, Sartori, and Tillamook are among the companies that have been featured.

In a story about the health benefits of charcuterie, Meat+Poultry emphasized the all-natural status of Principe’s Prosciutto di San Daniele, as well as Veroni’s low-in-sodium, nitrate-free, uncured product line.

"We want... to meet the choices of American shoppers who are searching for healthier foods without sacrificing the taste and flavor of their meals,” said Emanuela Bigi, marketing manager at Veroni.

Atalanta’s recent brand launch, Cracking Good, was featured in Perishable News. The product honors the British Isles and comes Mature Irish Cheddar, Extra Mature Scottish Cheddar, and Vintage English Cheddar varieties.

"Most cheeses from the U.K. and Ireland sold in the U.S. come from a small brand with one item or a brand with a single country of origin. We created a single line to celebrate authentic cheeses from the archipelago while embodying the fun side of the region’s unique cultures that we all know and love,” said Katie Baldwin, senior brand manager at Atalanta.

Local news source Alexandria Living recognized the impact that Dave’s Gourmet and brand founder, Dave Hirschkop, have had on the specialty food industry. The story profiles Hirschkop, highlighting his roots in Alexandria, Virginia.

“It’s nice to help people, build relationships, and watch people's businesses start to really flourish,” Hirschkop said. Whether mentoring other entrepreneurs or hatching ideas of his own, he credits part of his flair for business to his upbringing in Virginia, noted the report.

In a story from Dairy Processing about innovations in cheese and cheese alternatives, Sartori Cheese and Tillamook took center stage. Sartori’s Sriracha Cheddar and Italian Herb Cheddar were highlighted. Tillamook’s Whole Milk Mozzarella product line, including whole milk mozzarella snack portions and cheese blocks, was also featured.