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Nostalgic, Global Flavor Trends to Continue in 2021

Specialty Food Association

Research firm Kerry predicts that the trend towards nostalgic flavors, which resurged during the pandemic, will continue into 2021, reports Food Business News. In its Global Taste Charts for 2021, the company said that familiar flavors like cookie butter, cotton candy, and graham cracker will appear in more food products, along with spicy and savory flavors like sriracha and bacon, and fruity flavors like tangerine, pomegranate, Key lime, melon, acai, and pear.

Emerging trends include adult beverage flavors like beer and bourbon, fresh flavors like mango, cranberry, or lemongrass, and globally-inspired flavors like piri piri or sweet Thai chili.

Kerry also predicted that whiskey will gain traction as a flavor in hot and dairy beverages, while rosé wine and margarita flavors will gain momentum in cold beverages. Full Story

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