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Raley's Shares Safety, Sustainability Efforts

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Raley’s invested more than $60 million in enhanced safety protections and provided more than $15 million to employees through appreciation pay and bonuses in 2020, according to the retailer’s first-ever impact report.

“This report exemplifies our team’s dedication to prioritizing purpose over profit and our commitment to serving multiple bottom lines,” said Keith Knopf, Raley’s president and CEO, in a statement. “We are committed to being more than a grocery store, so it is both rewarding and humbling to see the progress we were able to make this past year to change the way the world eats and positively impact the communities we serve.”

In terms of sustainability, Raley’s diverted over 70 percent of all waste companywide from landfills and donated 4.8 million pounds of food via its food rescue program. Raley’s also invested in communities, raising over $9 million for 12 Feeding America food banks, donating over $1 million in funds to organizations that empower current and future generations, and issuing $700,000 in Extra Credit grants to 48 schools and district for programs that promote nutrition education, teach food literacy, address food insecurity, provide physical safety, and directly impact students’ mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

In addition to detailing the impact made throughout the past year, the report charts Raley’s course for the future by setting goals for 2021 and beyond. Raley’s intends to publish an Impact Report annually moving forward to transparently report progress toward these goals.

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Image: Raley's