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Retailers Argue US Labor Board is Unconstitutional

Amazon Prime Packages In Front of Door

Amazon has joined grocery chain Trader Joe’s and rocket maker SpaceX in claiming that the National Labor Relations Board, the U.S. labor agency, is unconstitutional, reports Reuters. The news comes as Amazon faces cases claiming it interfered with workers’ rights to organize.

On Thursday, Amazon filed with the National Labor Relations board alleging that the agency’s structure violates the company’s right to a jury trial. The online retail giant added that the limits on the removal of administrative judges and the board’s five members, appointed by the president of the United States, are also unconstitutional. 

Amazon has faced more than 250 complaints from the National Labor Relations Board which allege that the company has taken part in unlawful labor practices across the U.S., notes the report. Amazon has denied any wrongdoing.

Seth Goldstein, a lawyer who represents unions in the Amazon and Trader Joe’s cases, said that the challenges to the labor board are likely to make it to the U.S. Supreme Court. He added that the pending cases against the U.S. labor agency may empower employers to refuse to bargain with unions.

“I’m very concerned that this is going to cause real problems in collective bargaining for both new and established unions," said Goldstein. Full Story (Subscription Required)