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Summer Fancy Food Show Preview: Q&A With Top Chef Host

Kristen Kish

The food and beverage industry is experiencing something of a renaissance—the culinary landscape indulges in diverse and local flavors and experiences, and innovation is rife.

At the Summer Fancy Food Show, Top Chef host and author Kristen Kish and Delish editor Joanna Saltz will discuss some of these exciting food movements as well as trends they’re seeing in foodservice during a fireside chat on Monday, June 24 at 1:30 p.m. on the Main Stage at the Javits Center.

Kish will discuss her passion for local ingredients and elucidate how they serve as the driving force behind her culinary creations. From bustling markets to intimate kitchens, she'll highlight the transformative power of locality in every dish. Additionally, she will provide an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into this year's Top Chef season.

Kish will also host the 2024 SFA Awards Gala on Monday, June 24 at 7 p.m. at Lavan Midtown. At the ticketed event, SFA will honor its 48 sofi Gold Award winners, Leadership Award winners, Hall of Fame inductees, and Lifetime Achievement Award honorees. Five additional sofi Grand Honor Award winners will be announced at the event. Register now.

SFA News Daily recently spoke with Kish.

As host of Top Chef, how do you feel competition affects food innovation?

Within the competition space, you are surrounded by other chefs with different points of view and food stories, techniques, and cooking methods. As chefs, you find inspiration simply by admiration. You are encouraged to think differently within the challenge, pushing yourself and being inspired by those around you doing the same thing. New ideas are born.

What are you excited to see at the Summer Fancy Food Show? 

Getting to know many of the products and makers that are new to me and celebrating this category of our industry together, encouraging innovation and uniqueness.

What food trends are you seeing right now?

If you can call it a “trend,” I am most excited by individual storytelling through food and beverage. It’s not just great food, great product, and great beverage—people are adding more of their personal greatness into everything, which I find the most interesting.