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The Fresh Market Unveils 2023 Food Trends

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The Fresh Market has announced its top five trends for 2023. The company indicates that, although there are many trends, it is focusing on what is the most delicious.

The food trends are as follows:

1. New global flavors

As some global cuisine has become mainstream, The Fresh Market is seeking a sharper regional focus for innovative food discovery. An example of this is a matbucha sauce, a Morrocan condiment repurposed for use on eggs or as an ingredient to Shephard's pie.

2. Plant-based eating

The company notes that global flavors contribute to the evolution of plant-based eating with the introduction of traditional dishes that lend themselves to a plant-based diet. This trend has created demand for innovation around traditional staples like ravioli which is both plant-based and non-dairy.

In the plant-based category The Fresh Market expects developments in plant-based cheese, bacon, and egg products. 

3. Natural and functional foods

Natural and functional foods continue to trend. The upside is that these ingredients with added benefits are distinctive, as with botanicals, such as dandelion and lavender, which have regained popularity. They can be found in beverages, salads, and entrees.

4. Mexican cuisine

The Fresh Market team revealed that Mexican cuisine is the U.S.’s new favorite comfort food, citing its increase in accessibility and popularity at traditional restaurants, fast food, and home.

5. Climatarian eating

A new eating lifestyle is also emerging and will continue to amass interest in 2023: climatarian eating. The premise of this regimen is about eating for the health of the planet, with choices based on environmental impact. Participation can include everything from eating pasture-raised to buying more local and organic ingredients to reduce carbon emissions from transport to eating a plant-based diet with crops that are good for the soil.

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