Booth Display/Decorations Regulations

Booth displays are limited to the promotion of products or services that, in the judgment of SFA, will enhance the Show. Booth displays shall always accord with the Rules. SFA has the right to alter or remove, or to cause Exhibitor to alter or remove, any Booth decoration, at Exhibitor’s expense.

Any hard-wall booth must be a minimum of nine inches from the booth line for access to electrical.

No storage of any kind is allowed behind booths or near electrical service. 

Products such as remote-controlled cars, drones, planes, helicopters, robots, etc. are not permitted. 

Helium balloons are not permitted.  All other balloon requests must be submitted to Michele Hilton at [email protected] for approval

Strobe Lights, Fog Machines are not permitted.

Exhibitors are not allowed to bring air compressors on the show floor

All Exhibitors must cover the floor of their Exhibit Space regardless of pre-existing exhibit hall carpet, floor tiles, etc. Carpeting any area outside your exhibit space or building any extension of an exhibit over an aisle is prohibited.

No signs, display items or decorative material may protrude into the aisles or extend into neighboring booths. All aisles, passageways and lobbies leading to an exit, fire extinguisher or other emergency equipment must be left unobstructed. Displays found to be blocking traffic flow will be closed. 

All exhibit displays should be designed and erected in a manner that will withstand normal contact or vibration caused by neighboring exhibitors, hall laborers, or installation/dismantling equipment, such as forklifts. Displays should be able to withstand moderate wind effects that may occur in the exhibit hall when freight doors are open.

All 20ft x 20ft (6.10m x 6.10m) and over exhibits require a drawing, plans or renderings, preferably digital, to be submitted to the show organizer at [email protected].

Exhibitors should ensure that any display fixtures such as tables, racks, or shelves are designed and installed properly to support the product or marketing materials to be displayed.

All Platforms or Risers will need a building permit.  Please email Michele Hilton at [email protected] for approval and permit information.  

Convention Center rules require that nothing be posted, tacked, nailed, or screwed to columns, walls, floors, or other elements of the exhibit hall. Exhibitors may not apply paint, lacquer, adhesives, tapes, or other coating to building columns, walls, ceilings, or floors, or to standard booth equipment.

Booth displays must be completed one hour before the opening of the Show.  Booths and displays must remain intact and staffed until 3 p.m. on the last day of the Show. Penalties will be imposed for early dismantling of a booth or display.

Designated "No Freight" aisles must be maintained clear of crates and exhibit materials during move-in and move-out. These aisles are required for emergency access throughout the hall and to expedite freight and empty crate moving

No products containing CBD may be promoted at any SFA-sponsored event (e.g., Fancy Food Shows) or using SFA services. No CBD products, marijuana-based CBD products or Hemp Based CBD products are permitted.

Flammable Decorations

  • All materials used in construction and decoration of an exhibit must be flame retardant. Fabrics must be certified as flame retardant, or a sample must be available for testing. Materials which cannot be treated to meet the requirements may not be used. NFPA 701 is the accepted standard. 
  • No decorations of paper, pine boughs, leafy decorations, tree branches or other combustible material are allowed. 
  • Any cloth must be fire retardant. 
  • Aerosol cans containing flammable gases or liquids are prohibited. 
  • Only empty containers may be placed on display. 
  • Flammable liquids, solids or gases are prohibited inside the building.
  • Table coverings as well as all booth equipment must be a non-flammable material. All decorative materials must be fire-resistant.


  • All overhead hanging light fixtures (i.e., parcan, flood, or theatrical lighting fixtures) will require Show Management approval. Electric and labor are not included and must be ordered separately.
  • Halogen lamps at the Las Vegas Convention Center are limited to 75 watts and must be of the sealed variety, which prevents direct handling of the bulb.  


Exhibitors should conduct sales presentations and product demonstrations in a manner which assures all exhibitor personnel and attendees are within the contracted exhibit space and not encroaching on the aisle or neighboring exhibits.

It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to arrange displays, product presentation, audio visual presentations, and demonstration areas to ensure compliance. 

Exhibitors should be aware of local regulations regarding fire/safety and environment which must be adhered to.

Special caution should be taken when demonstrating machinery or equipment that has moving parts, cooking equipment with an open flame, or any product that is otherwise potentially dangerous. 

Exhibitors should establish a minimum setback of 3ft (.91m) and/or install hazard barriers as necessary to prevent accidental injury to spectators. Additionally, demonstrations should only be conducted by qualified personnel.



Television and video displays of any kind are to be used for business purposes only. Sporting events, entertainment or any other non-business-related presentations are prohibited.

Exhibitors are only allowed to photograph or video their own booth. Only badged members of the press are permitted to photograph & video record all areas of the show.

Sound /Music

The playing of music is prohibited, unless that is the product you are selling. Sound levels of presentations should be kept within the confines of the booth area and must not interfere with neighboring exhibits. 

Speakers and other sound devices should be positioned to direct sound inward (to be contained within the booth) rather than outward (toward aisles and other exhibitor booths). Generally, sound and noise should not exceed 85 decibels when measured from the aisle immediately in front of a booth. If an exhibitor or attendee is standing within ten feet of an exhibitor’s booth and cannot carry on a normal voice-level conversation, the noise source is too loud. 

Displays found to be objectionable due to noise level will result in the closure of Exhibitor’s Booth.


Vehicles on the show floor for display purposes must be approved by the SFA in advance and must be in a 20’x20’ or larger booth configuration. Please contact Michele Hilton at [email protected] for approval.

Once approved, you will work directly with Freeman to get your vehicle onto the show floor. Please note, a spotting fee will be charged to all exhibitors that go through this process. Keys should always be surrendered to show management while participating in an exhibition or event.

  • Fuel-tank openings shall be locked or sealed in an approved manner to prevent escape of vapors. 
  • Fuel is limited to one-quarter of its tank or five gallons of fuel, whichever is less.
  • At least one battery cable shall be removed from the batteries used to start the vehicle engine, and the disconnected battery cable shall then be taped. 
  • Batteries required to demonstrate auxiliary equipment shall be permitted to be kept in service.
  • Auxiliary batteries not connected to engine starting system may be left connected.
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles shall have their operating batteries disconnected whenever possible.
  • External chargers or batteries are recommended for demonstration purposes.
  • No battery charging is permitted inside the building.
  • Combustible/flammable materials must not be stored beneath display vehicles.
  • Fueling or defueling of vehicles is prohibited.
  • Vehicles shall not be moved during show hours.
  • 36 inches of clear access or aisles must be maintained around the vehicle.
  • Vehicles must be a minimum of 20 feet from the exit of door or exit pathway.


Electricity is not included with your booth package and must be ordered separately through Javits.   All wiring in the booth or on displays must conform to the applicable standards established by law, including fire inspection standards of local authorities and insurance requirements. All wiring must exhibit any seal required by local authorities. 


  • If uninterrupted power supply is required for the full duration of the show, order 24-hour power.
  • Electricity is turned on 30 minutes prior to show opening and turned off 30 minutes after the show closes on show days.
  • Power will be turned off immediately after the final show closing. 
  • If power is required outside actual show hours, special arrangements should be made in advance.
  • To accommodate possible power requirements, electrical outlets will be installed in every inline booth. When power is not being provided, an audit will be conducted by electricians and onsite charges will apply if the electrical service is utilized without an order on file. 
  • Exhibitors with hard wall displays must arrange for power to be installed inside the booth or provide access.