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FrieslandCampina to Showcase International Tour of World Cheeses

Specialty Food Association

Visit Us at The Winter Fancy Food Show Booth #2017

January 15 - 17, 2023

Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall


Paramus, NJ – January 2023 – This January 15th - 17th at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall, join FrieslandCampina at The Winter Fancy Food Show Booth #2017 for an international tour of world cheeses, highlighting the expanded product range under their diverse and internationally acclaimed cheese brands and partner brands from the Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Australia, Ireland, and other countries. FrieslandCampina, the world’s largest Gouda and Dutch cheese producer and one of the largest U.S. importers of Specialty Cheeses, will be showcasing their rich portfolio of over a dozen cheese brands from across the globe, including Royal Hollandia®, Gayo Azul®, A Dutch Masterpiece®, Parrano®, and Wyke Farms®.

Made with the highest quality ingredients, which began over 120 years ago, Royal Hollandia is defined as “premium” and transcending the notion of superior quality. From Royal Hollandia, discover a diverse collection of the finest cheese products, including:

- Royal Hollandia Wheels, Balls, Bulk Products, and Wedges offer a wide variety of products perfect for consumer entertaining, including Gouda, Edam, and Maasdam, which all owe their name to the Dutch cities they originated from. Mild Gouda, which has a mild taste and creamy texture; Aged Gouda which is aged for 7 months for a rich, full flavor with a subtle sweet taste; Mild Maasdam offers a slightly sweet and nutty flavor; Beechwood Smoked cheese is creamy and flavorful;  Mediterranean Herb masterfully merges the flavor notes of black olives, tomatoes, basil, and garlic;  Mild Goat Cheese is made with 100% pure pasteurized goat’s milk for a mild and creamy taste; Chili Pepper a combination of creamy Dutch cheese with diced chili peppers to add a special kick; Mild Edam is known for its recognizable round shape and red wax coating, this cheese has a mild and mellow flavor with a smooth and creamy texture also available in a loaf format. Spiced Leyden is a classic Dutch cheese spiced with cumin seeds to give the creamy cheese a pleasant, slightly spicy taste.

- Royal Hollandia Snacks are the perfect premium grab-and-go snacking option as consumers look to the deli for premium snacking. Great for lunch boxes, quick and easy snacks, and on-the-go consumption. Available in Mild Gouda, Smoked Flavored Gouda, and Chili Pepper.  

- Royal Hollandia Slices premium sliced cheeses offer consumers delicious and flavorful options. Available in five varieties including Mild Gouda, Creamy Swiss, Mediterranean Herb, Chili Pepper, and Smoke Flavored Gouda.

The new Gayo Azul Cotija is sure to satisfy fans of cheese and Hispanic dishes alike, adding a sharp, slightly salty flavor and a crumbly texture to a variety of dishes. Cotija is a Mexican-style aged, fresh cow’s milk cheese named after Cotija, Mexico. Cotija cheese is a perfect topping for enhancing any dish, such as street corn, enchiladas, tacos, sandwiches, and more. Gayo Azul Cotija cheese is available exclusively in wedge form. 

Gayo Azul Cotija Cheese is the latest variety in the Gayo Azul premium cheese collection, which includes:

- Gayo Azul Dutch Gouda – this versatile mild and creamy cheese is excellent on a cheeseboard, in a casserole, as a topping, or used in sauces and soups. Also available in slices it is delicious on a cold sandwich or melts beautifully in a hot one.  

- Gayo Azul Queso Blanco – a fresh mild white cheese that holds its shape well, making it ideal for pan grilling.  It also has a nice crumbly texture and is great for topping salads, soups, and tacos.  

- Gayo Azul Dutch Edam – this cheese is a bit firmer than Gouda yet has a rich flavor and smooth creamy texture.  Easy to cut on cheese boards, shred in baking dishes, and cube in salads and vegetable dishes.  

- Gayo Azul Sliced Swiss – a rindless, European Swiss with perfect eyes and a sweet nutty taste that works on both cold and grilled sandwiches  

The classic but unique A Dutch Masterpiece collection of four premium cheeses has won excellence awards worldwide thanks to the exclusive recipes and commitment to the art of traditional Dutch cheesemaking. Savor the slightly rich flavor of Vincent, the full-bodied flavor of Frans Hals, the delicate fruity flavor of Vermeer, or the sharp taste and delicious texture of Rembrandt:

- VincentWhere Gouda Meets Parmesan flavor, this rich sweet tasting fully ripened for six months Dutch Cheese releases pleasant characteristic bursts of flavor with every bite. World Cheese Awards 2013 Gold.

- Frans Hals A rich aged Dutch goat cheese that is naturally matured up to six months, Frans Hals is made from 100% goat’s milk to create a unique full-bodied taste and delicate aroma. World Cheese Awards 2016 Super Gold.


- VermeerTraditionally ripened for five months, this award-winning aged Dutch Gouda cheese has a delicate fruity taste with a delightful flavor. World Championship Cheese Contest World Champion in 2012, World Cheese Awards 2013 Gold.

 - RembrandtTraditionally ripened for one year, this award-winning Extra Aged Gouda Cheese has a firm texture and a robust flavor and an exceptional taste. World Championship Cheese Contest World Champion in 2004, World Cheese Awards 2016 Gold. 

From Parrano, enjoy a most versatile and delicious cheese that captures the alluring nutty flavor and buttery aroma of a fine-aged Parmesan and finishes with the smooth, creamy texture of a Dutch Gouda. Parrano’s selection of cheeses provides you with the perfect option for any Italian-inspired dish. From creamy grated cheese to make the perfect lasagna to flakes full of flavor for the perfect salad, the Parrano collection includes wheels and wedges.

In addition, FrieslandCampina showcases the delicious Cheddars from UK-Based Wyke Farms, which crafts its award-winning cheese by using 100% green energy in the heart of Somerset England. They are also producers of the world’s first carbon neutral Cheddar Cheese, called Ivy’s Reserve Vintage Cheddar, which is aged for 18 months.

“We’re absolutely delighted to be able to attend the 2023 Winter Fancy Food Show and highlight the latest premium products from our leading cheese brands like Gayo Azul and Royal Hollandia, among so many more delicious international cheeses,” says Debbie Seife, Director of Marketing of FrieslandCampina. “The sharp flavor of our new Gayo Azul Cotija cheese provides a deliciously salty, milky flavor that makes for the perfect topping to any dish – from street corn and tacos to enchiladas – while the Royal Hollandia Snacks provide consumers with the perfect cheese partner to enhance your on-the-go snacking with salami, almonds, and dried fruits.”

The complete line of FrieslandCampina premium cheeses includes Royal Hollandia (; Gayo Azul (; A Dutch Masterpiece (; Parrano (, and Wyke Farms (

Royal FrieslandCampina N.V.

Royal Hollandia is a registered trademark of the Royal FrieslandCampina. Royal FrieslandCampina daily provides millions of consumers spread all over the world with dairy products containing valuable nutrients from milk. The products of FrieslandCampina find their way to over a hundred countries. The company has its Central Office in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. The activities of FrieslandCampina have been divided into four global market-oriented business groups, Consumer Dairy, Specialized Nutrition, Dairy Essentials, and Ingredients. The company is fully owned by Zuivelcoöperatie FrieslandCampina U.A., which has 16,995 member dairy farmers in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium and is one of the largest dairy cooperatives in the world. For additional information, please visit our website:

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