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Ines Rosales revamps Olive Oil Cracker line and reveals new flavors

The maker from Spain, enhances their alternative product line of crackers in tune with consumer needs and launches 2 new flavors

Washington, DC, May 1st, 2023: Ines Rosales announced the revamp of their Olive Oil Cracker line with brand new packaging and a fresh new look. Even though they are originally known for their Olive Oil Tortas, this alternative Cracker line was born in 2019 as a result of both consumer and customers request of a unique cracker at an affordable price, with exciting new flavors to spice up the category. The line of Olive Oil Crackers initially launched with Original with Anise flavor and Manchego Cheese. The new revamp, not only brings a fresh new look to the line, but is also more sustainable, and easily merchandisable. All at no additional cost, or UPC change. The product itself continues to have the same unique flavor and ingredients, but the texture has been improved to enhance the experience for the consumer who is looking for a cracker to entertain with, use as a vehicle for their hors d’ouvres, or simply a delicious snack. Along with the revamp of the existing flavors, Ines Rosales is launching two new flavors: Smoked Paprika and Sesame Sea Salt. This is in line with the company’s commitment to bring the best of Spain to the US. All four products are all-natural, Non-GMO, and use only the best ingredients to provide a great experience.

“Our new Smoked Paprika and Sesame Sea Salt crackers is a natural addition to our cracker line.  The flavors capture the spirit of Spain,” said Lucia Conejo-Mir, VP of Sales North America. “The Smoked Paprika pairs perfectly with an Aged Manchego, while the Sesame Sea Salt goes great with all dips and spreads.”

About Ines Rosales

Who is Ines Rosales? In 1910, a local woman from Castilleja de la Cuesta (Spain) needed to find a way to support herself & her family. She decided to bake Olive Oil Tortas using her family’s cherished recipe and try her hand at selling them at the local train station in Seville. Travelers and locals fell in love with her Tortas and soon they became a staple in households across Andalusia. Over a century later, we stay true to Ines’ original recipe – making each one of our Tortas by hand and using only the best ingredients to deliver you the most delicious bite.



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