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The only lawsuit we are worried about is being the best chili crisp! Cuatro Mamas heads to the Summer Fancy Food Show

The only lawsuit we are worried about is being the best chili crisp! Cuatro Mamas heads to the 
Summer Fancy Food Show

Los Angeles, Ca (June 13, 2024) Cuatro Mamas heads to New York for the first time to showcase their unique chili crisp at this year's Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, June 23-25th.

While other brands are concerned about “chili crunch” domination, this women owned minority business of mamas are more focused on how to get their chili oil, with zero added sugars, to more specialty market shelves and homes across the US.

From their unique packaging to the diverse mamas themselves, they will be debuting their first products, two chili crisps, at the Fancy Food Show. “Gringa” for the not-too spicy lover and “Chola” for the lover of spice!

Working with The Food Innovation Center of Portland they’ll be an exhibitor at this years SFFS in the Incubator village and they couldn’t be more thrilled, you can find them at Booth #IV24

Discover a culinary masterpiece curated with love by four amazing mamas. Each with roots in Mexico, Mississippi, Guatemala, and the Philippines After vacationing together with their kids in Sayulita, Mexico in 2021 feeling safe to travel after orders were lifted, they soon found out their shared love of spending time with their family, tequila, zumba and SPICE.  When returning to the states they found themselves battling over a bottle of chili oil from Mexico that they all loved. This evolved into them developing their own unique version of the chili oil and challenged themselves to  find ingredients to sweeten up their chili without adding sugar and they did just that!!

“We think that tastes and ingredients are equally important. We don't add sugar to our chili oil. That is very important to us and our families”

You'll discover their 4 oz. bottle of their mouthwatering SPICY Chola red chili crisp oil brings on the heat without being too overbearing. Savor the taste of the finest ingredients sourced from around the world.

Whether you're starting your day with a dash of excitement on your morning eggs or elevating a cozy ramen bowl, their 4 0z. Gringa chili oil bottle adds the perfect touch of heat and robust flavor to any meal of the day.

“We are excited to be a part of the Fancy Food Show this year. We are a proud women and minority owned business. Cuatro Mamas is a true labor of love that really feeds our souls, our family, friends and neighbors. We are thrilled to be a part of the Incubator Village to share our chili oil with the food world”

Make sure to go by and say hello to the mamas and sample their unique chili oil.

The Mamas
Johna, Lawren, Nancy and Rosalina
[email protected]
ig: @cuatromamas