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Consumers Crave Produce Innovation

Fruit and vegetables in a basket

Fifty-one percent of produce shoppers are interested in innovative ideas on incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into their snacking routines, according to a report from the Food Industry Association (FMI). The recent Power of Produce report explored the factors influencing consumer decisions in the grocery aisle.

In a blog post, Rick Stein, VP of fresh foods at FMI outlined some of the report’s findings, including the fact that price, quality, and appearance work together as a “triple threat.”

“Consumers are increasingly discerning, opting for produce that not only fits their budget but also boasts superior quality and eye-catching aesthetics,” wrote Stein, adding that food retailers have to balance affordability and premium offerings to best capture consumers.

The report also found that consumers are purchasing less produce by volume to cut down on individual food waste.

“By implementing strategies such as providing smaller portions, optimizing production planning, and offering sustainability education, retailers can empower shoppers to make informed choices while minimizing food waste,” wrote Stein. He also advocated for calling out produce use cases and environmental impact into packaging to connect with sustainably-focused consumers.