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Egg Prices Drop

The cost of a dozen eggs is finally dropping in stores across the country, reports NPR. The spike was due to many factors but began last year when an outbreak of avian flu ravaged the country, affecting around 58 million birds, including many egg-laying hens.

The bird flu crisis has eased, and inflation is gradually decreasing across the country, making eggs more affordable. The most recent data from the USDA puts average wholesale egg prices between $0.99 and $1.39, down from the peak of roughly $5 in many locations in the U.S.

"The good news is, if you go into a grocery store, you're [now] going to see eggs. versus just a couple months ago when you weren't going to see eggs," Phil Lempert, editor of the website, told NPR, "and if you were, they were $5, $6, $7 a dozen."

Egg prices, however, are not likely to return to previous levels soon, as producers will want to make up for lost earnings and supply chain issues. Full Story

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