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Food Shippers Invest in Supply Chain

shipment containers on a boat

Seventy-five percent of food shipping industry leaders are investing in supply chain visibility technology to enhance compliance, security, and customer satisfaction, according to a report from supply chain technology company Tive and the Food Shippers of America.

“The demand for real-time supply chain visibility has skyrocketed, and food shippers—grappling with issues such as increasing cargo theft and stringent safety and compliance protocols—have found a powerful ally in advanced tracking and visibility technology,” said Rajah Nagarajah, director of sales for the food vertical at Tive, in a statement. “With a 63 percent increase in theft within the food and beverage sector this year alone, it’s clear that robust shipment protection is more crucial than ever.”

Some key highlights from the report include:

• Rising costs are squeezing margins for food manufacturers, retailers, and distributors: 38 percent of respondents cite market fluctuations and rising costs as a top supply chain challenge.

• Traceability and compliance standards are a major pain point for food shippers: Despite global regulations such as the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act, 26 percent of food shippers aren’t monitoring temperature-controlled shipments.