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Global Coffee Consumption on the Rise

coffee beans

There has been a significant surge in global coffee consumption, signaling an opportunity for coffee brands worldwide, according to Circana.

Its analysis, which is based on Circana’s CREST Commercial Foodservice data, found that total coffee servings experienced 5 percent year-over-year growth globally, outpacing the 3 percent recorded in the U.S. This growth was observed in 11 of the 12 countries tracked, with China emerging as the frontrunner, experiencing the highest coffee consumption growth rate.

“Coffee is a unique category where trends and competition intertwine on both global and local scales,” said Tim Fires, president of Global Foodservice at Circana, in a statement. “Cold coffee emerges as a standout trend, experiencing substantial growth across all 12 countries we monitor. However, the competitive landscape, encompassing both chain and independent establishments, exhibits unique characteristics in each country. Understanding both the overarching global trends and the intricacy of the local marketplace is critical for success in this category.”

Key findings include:

  • Growth Across Countries. Coffee servings, at over $36 billion, grew 5 percent across nations, with 11 of the 12 monitored countries forecasted to grow. South Korea stands out as the only country that did not experience year-over-year growth in coffee servings.
  • Rising Popularity of Cold Coffee. While hot coffee remains the dominant choice globally, cold coffee has gained momentum, indicating a long-term growth trend. China led cold coffee consumption growth from 2019 to 2023, boasting a 20 percent compound annual growth rate, with cold servings constituting 33 percent of total coffee consumption.
  • Global Beverage Comparison. Coffee outpaced both tea (up 4 percent) and carbonated soft drinks (up 3 percent) in terms of year-over-year servings growth, emphasizing its position as one of the fastest-growing beverage categories globally.