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Grubhub, National ACE Award Grants to Diversity-Owned Businesses

Grubhub and the National Asian/Pacific Islander American Chamber of Commerce and Entrepreneurship have announced that 79 Asian American-, Native Hawaiian-, and/or Pacific Islander- owned restaurants were awarded $5,000 to 15,000, made possible with a grant from the Grubhub Community Fund.

Additionally, three finalists were awarded $50,000 grants each at the #AAPISTRONG Annual Conference in Las Vegas on October 13.

“National ACE has been an incredible partner to Grubhub on the AAPIStrong restaurant grant program and working with us on shared business and policy priorities,” said Dave Tovar, SVP of communications & government relations at Grubhub, in a statement. “Over the years, this program has supported more than 350 AAPI-owned restaurants across the country to both sustain and expand their businesses. Restaurants play a vital role in their communities, and Grubhub is committed to helping them have a positive impact on the people and communities they serve.”

The funding will allow AANHPI restaurateurs to take their business to the next level through development ideas such as infrastructure improvements, ecommerce and technology, employee benefits, and operations streamlining, according to Grubhub. This will help AANHPI entrepreneurs scale their businesses, secure their futures, and give back to the life of their neighborhoods by fostering safe and enjoyable places to gather.

“Our AAPI-owned restaurants proved their resilience and now are looking to the future,” said Chiling Tong, president and CEO of National ACE, in a statement. “Grubhub’s ongoing commitment to AAPI-owned restaurants is demonstrated by the continuation of this amazing grant opportunity. The grant support from the Grubhub Community Fund will provide AAPI restaurant owners the opportunity to expand their businesses and reach new peaks.”

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